Random notes from automation workshop

Notes from a CHI2018 workshop:

  • creativity is not an excuse for ignorance
  • software doing part of your work might be more work
  • errors from the developers are cascading in the system
  • never trust the marketing aspect of automation
  • frictions in the promise of automation
  • automation surprises
  • automation was expected to have better consistent behavior
  • automation has an intended use — but people may use it differently: they revert to the easiest choice
  • automation is already everywhere
  • automation is inside the interaction technique
  • automation is old
  • ”automation — this word is useless!”
  • transparency is a good property to automation
  • notation of automation
  • automation is not always good for human – especially in the case of security
  • you need to spend a lot of time for training because automation is not what was expected
  • levels of automation are intertwined

Some of these are pretty good insights.

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Researcher of marketing, human-computer interaction, startups, and personas.


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